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In-House PSC: Finance & Business Skills

Our involvement in this field comes as a direct result of requests from clients to develop a new approach to what is often considered to be a dull and unrewarding course for trainees.

Our brief was to develop a Finance and Business Skills Course that reflects our philosophy: i.e. a course that engages and challenges; that delegates will find interesting and relevant; and, one that would minimise the need for didactic delivery.

In addition, clients asked for a flexible course to complement their own in-house programme and facilitate timetabling, to fit in with other demands upon their trainees' time.

Modular approach

We have produced a course, which incorporates a modular approach to the design and delivery of the programme to allow clients a number of options.

Popular patterns include:

Three Days + Exam (3½ days)

Examinable material is taught on days 1 and 2. On the morning of day 3 we teach the non-examinable element. For the remainder of the day we return to the examinable core by way of consolidation, revision and a "mock examination". The trainees are then able to take the examination at a later date. We provide the invigilation or we can authorise the client to do this for themselves upon suitable undertakings.

Two Days + Exam + ½ day (3 days)

This option generally straddles a weekend to cater for revision. We teach the examinable material on days 1 & 2 prior to the trainees taking the examination on the morning of day 3. The non-examinable element is dealt with post examination on the afternoon of day 3.

Two day + Exam (2½ days)

Some clients wish to deal with the non-examinable material themselves. We can facilitate this under our accreditation subject to suitable training and undertakings. The Client is then left to attend to the ½ day non-examinable material at a time and in a way that suits them.

Client's feedback to the Course has been very encouraging and we continue to have great interest in it.

We believe that the following characteristics are responsible for out success with this new course.

The higher emphasis we give to money laundering. If wished we can incorporate the firm's own money laundering procedures and documentation.

Ours is a commercial course aimed at commercial firms. The case studies and examinations are as far as possible based on commercial scenarios. For example, we use real accounts for analysis and discussion. Trainees prefer talking about real scenarios than they do speculating about the concerns of the Acme PLC of Blankshire!

Our approach makes the course more relevant and real for trainees.

In our non-examable material we include a session on:

  • Economic indicators
  • Inflation
  • Interest Rates
  • Role of the Bank of England
  • The UK as a financial centre
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