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In-House PSC: Elective Programme

Historically our bias has been towards litigation topics. However, we are continuing to broaden and develop our elective programme. Indeed, we welcome and enjoy the challenge of a "without obligation" discussion with clients as to their particular requirements.

For further information as to any of the following courses please contact our office. Please note that unless otherwise specified these courses run for 3 hours.

Financial and Regulatory

  • Understanding Company Accounts
  • Money Laundering

Client Management Skills

  • Managing Client expectations
  • Presenting Advice
  • Handling Complaints
  • Meeting Skills
  • Pitching for Business

Generic Skills

  • Working in teams
  • Presentation Skills
  • Negotiation
  • Self-Management
  • Interviewing Skills

Specialist area Skills

  • Negotiating and Understanding Commercial Leases
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Drafting Statements of Case
  • Experts (instructing and working with)
  • Civil Trial (6 hours)
  • Private Client

Elective Programme Development

Clients often bemoan that there are no "sexy" electives available on the market.

However, when asked what type of programme they would wish to see, they become less clear as to whether they should go down the pure skill route or use the electives as an educational process to impart knowledge to trainees on topics that they will meet in the office.

Our attitude to this is simple. Let us know what you want and we will build it for you! After all you understand the specific training needs of your people better than we do and we are pleased to work in collaboration bringing our technical course design experience to bear upon your ideas. We are also able to source the best people to work on the product and, when it is developed, run the course.

What's more we do not make any charge for initial consultation with clients and in many cases are prepared to look upon projects as "loss leaders" if we can see an opportunity to work closely with clients in developing state of the art courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to contribute to the delivery of the training myself. Is this possible?

It is not only possible but also positively welcome. Having in-house personnel working alongside our Consultants gives out the right message as to the importance of the training. From time to time we have worked with Partners, training management and professional support lawyers.

How possible is it for you to modify the training content to cover in-house procedures?

No problem! Incorporating documents such as firms retainer letter into our Client Care programme helps show the relevance of the training. The same comment applies to procedures such as complaints procedures.

We have been using another provider for several years. What's in it for us to change to SCC?

Trainees are going to be training with you for many years. We will help enthuse them as to learning skills, which they will see are relevant for their future careers. We will also create a solid foundation, which can be built upon in post qualification CPD.

What sort of guarantee can you give us as to quality of your courses?

You are welcome to speak to our other clients. In some cases we are willing to run a complimentary course so that you can judge yourself without obligation.

Why are you so cocky about your administration being superior to your competitors?

We recognise that even a well designed and presented course can become problematic if the Provider does not deliver on the administration. Our solution is to share the administration with the client. The very process of agreeing who is to do what avoids misunderstandings and problems.

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