Simon Coath Consultancy

In-House Professional Skills Courses

Our PSC arm is our original core business and has grown in each of the 10 years that we have been in business.

All of our PSC Courses reflect our belief that training can and should make a real and lasting impression on those that attend.

Using our experience of practice and feedback from our clients we look carefully at what it is that trainees are likely to need at this stage in their career. Our objective is to send them on their way feeling more confident and with clear and enduring insights that will accelerate their development and learning during their early practice years.

We shy away from trying to bamboozle trainees with technical and irrelevant detail and focus instead on explaining core concepts that are pervasive to the skill(s) concerned. Discussion and practical exercises are designed to ensure that trainees see the connections between what it is they can do already and what it is they wish to become more expert in.

Such a "common sense" approach ensures that trainees leave the workshops confident that they have learnt new insights and techniques that will practically enhance their performance "on the job". It is not a case of a trainee saying "well that would be OK in theory but in the real world..."

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