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Training Audits

Whether you regard your training budget as an investment or a cost you will be concerned to get value for money.

In our experience an objective overview will generally lead to issues being identified that once attended to will assist your training team in delivering better value and more effective training.

Our consultants have provided consultancy services to firms of all sizes. We have found that even the biggest "global firms" with hard-pressed training teams generally welcome an opportunity of submitting to an objective and professional critique. Smaller firms welcome receiving an objective perspective.

Examples of issues that are addressed in our Training audit are as follows:

  • Duplication of training content
  • Training delivered at the wrong time
  • Availability of more cost effective solutions
  • Unproductive administration staff
  • Failure to take into account how any training exercise fits into a training plan
  • Ignorance of what is available on the market

Our Consultancy service need not be expensive.

The first stage is for one of our Master Class Consultants to have a short meeting with the partner responsible for training on a confidential and without obligation basis. We will at that stage let you know what audit would be most appropriate and what the likely cost would be.

The second stage will require some of your people filling in a basic questionnaire.

The third stage involves one of our master class consultants attending your office to undertake the audit process. The issues addressed in our audit process reflect both our academic experience and equally importantly our collective experience of many years working in law firms.

This forth stage will be a short written report that identifies aspects and issues that we consider should be looked at by the firm. Larger firms will often have the resources to address these issues themselves smaller firms may wish us to assist further following the submission of our report.

The cost of our audit service is calculated on the basis of the partnership size and generally starts in the region of £2500 plus VAT and expenses.

If you would wish to discuss how we might help you with our audit please ring Simon Coath on 020 7386 9370.

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