Simon Coath Consultancy


Following a successful career as a litigation partner in the City Simon formed his Consultancy in 1994.

I had always been interested in how people learnt and, upon leaving private practice, I decided to undertake a Masters degree to study the issues that relate to training and, in particular, how professional people developed expertise. What I studied conformed what I had always suspected:

  • Professional people prefer learning to being taught!
  • People did not come to training with a "blank slate", but with pre-conceived ideas about the topic being trained.
  • The timing of the training was crucial to its success

Simon Coath Consultancy has grown year in year out since 1994 and now provides training to many of the top City Law firms. Due to its success they are able to retain and work with top trainers and consultants.

Between them our consultants have presented to all the top City Law firms. They bring a wealth of experience and welcome working in collaboration with us. We free them up from having to follow a prescriptive approach and positively encourage innovation and experimentation.

SCC's catalogue of Law Society Prescribed Courses includes the Professional Skills Course, Law society Management Course and CPD courses.

All of our courses have been developed and have evolved as a result of close client contact. We encourage client contact and enjoy our consultancy work. Clients expect us to ensure that their courses are pedagogically sound.

SCC courses are very successful. People speak highly of them. Their formula is to focus carefully on what is to be achieved for the client. Once objectives are marked out they do not stint on time and effort working up the appropriate methodology.

It's nice when delegates confirm that they have enjoyed our courses. However, we are not entertainers and our quest is to change our delegates skills and understandings. If we do not achieve that objective, we have failed.

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