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"Simon Coath Consultancy"

Following a successful 20-year career as a litigation solicitor in the City Simon Coath formed his Consultancy in 1995.

"I had always been interested in how people learnt and upon leaving practice decided to undertake a Masters Degree to study the issues that relate to training. What I studied confirmed what I had always suspected; generally people prefer learning to being taught! Further the timing of the training intervention was crucial in effecting maximum transfer of learning."

Simon Coath Consultancy has grown year in year out since 1995 and now provides Courses to many of the top City Law firms. We are now able to retain the top trainers to present on our Law Society prescribed courses.

"Between them our consultants have presented to all the major Law firms in the City. They bring a wealth of experience and enjoy the opportunity to work with us. We free them up from too prescriptive an approach and encourage innovation and experiment."

Our catalogue of Law Society Prescribed Courses includes the Professional Skills Course, Law Society Management Course and CPD courses. The Advocacy Gym is just one example of the innovative courses that we have devised.

"All of our courses have been developed and have evolved as a result of close client contact. We encourage client contact and input. Clients want us to make a difference and that is what we do."

Our courses are very successful. People speak highly of them. Our formula for success is to focus carefully on what is to be achieved for the client. Once we have our objectives marked out we do not stint on time and effort working up an appropriate methodology. Once our courses have been run we test our success by evaluation methods that go beyond the completion of the traditional "happy sheet".

"Its nice when delegates confirm that they have enjoyed our courses but we are not entertainers. Our quest is to facilitate change in our delegate's skills and understandings. If we do not achieve that objective we have failed."

All SCC Consultants share a training philosophy

"None of our consultants are on an exclusive retainer with SCC. They are all professional and experienced freelance trainers. What draws us together is the desire to deliver effective courses."

"Each of us understands that didactic presentation has a place but that that place is seldom in a skills workshop. We recognise that no one comes to our sessions with a "blank slate" and that the best learning takes place when delegates can relate the exercises they undertake with the real-time experiences they bring to the workout."

Our Advocacy coaches for our Gym Sessions include the following:

  • Simon Coath
  • Chris Green
  • Stephen Hammett

Further details of our advocacy teams experience can be obtained from the office.

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