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The Advocacy Gym - Just In Time Training

The Advocacy Gym

Welcome to the Advocacy Gym

SCC is one of the fastest growing training consultancies in the UK.

Our success is based on a professional and innovative approach to training issues.

The "Advocacy Gym" is just one example of such an approach, delivering to lawyers' advocacy training:

  • When they need it
  • Where they need it
  • How they need it

The frequency of our regular City centre workshops enables lawyers to time their attendance to coincide with the work place experience of preparing "real cases". In such cases the proximity of the training with the imminent Court Hearing is more likely to ensure that "lessons learned" are effectively retained and exploited.

As a consequence of attending the Gym delegates leave our workshops feeling more focussed and confident and with specific advice on how they can improve their performance when they appear in Court.

"Just In Time" Advocacy Training

Cruise ship passengers are more likely to pay close attention and effectively learn life jacket drill when:

(a) They are given instruction in Port prior to setting sail on holiday?


(b) They are given instruction in mid-Atlantic having just struck an iceberg in the middle of the night!

Clearly there are times when we are more receptive to training and instruction!

Just think of the times you have left a training programme full of enthusiasm and intent only to find that the next time you had need to put the skills you had "learned" into practice you had forgotten most of the points you enthused over during the earlier course.

The truth is that even if the training is put to the "test" by way of assessment there is no guarantee that the lessons will be recalled when needed in the workplace. Those that question the value of skills training courses often raise this fact of life.

Professional trainers understand this issue well and try and devise methodologies that enhance the learning exercises in such a way that lessons are retained and applied to the workplace environment.

One way of improving the retention of points is to exploit the focus that derives from putting delegates into training at a time that is in close proximity to a real situation. "E - learning" is one example that can be used in this regard but such a method does not lend itself to skill acquisition and improvement.

In our judgment the best way to ensure transfer of lessons into the workplace is to facilitate a training session that can be undertaken shortly before the "real event". This is why we have devised the "Just In Time" training series and our Advocacy Gym.

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