Simon Coath Consultancy

What we do

Broadly our areas of expertise can be broken down into four main practice areas:


Legal Advocacy - Our radical thinking on the design and delivery of advocacy training has led to innovative approaches that develop real and meaningful insights. We now consider ourselves market leaders in this field especially with regard to those clients that adopt a challenging and questioning approach to their training providers. For further information on the breadth of our programmes please check "Legal advocacy" programmes.

Commercial Advocacy and Communication Skills - Our original focus on Courtroom advocacy training and the research and consultancy that we have undertaken in this field over the last 10 years have paid dividends in the development of our legal advocacy training business.

In addition our expertise in this field has been put to good use in developing other "advocacy" courses where delegates are keen to develop tactics, techniques and strategies for communicating and then presenting winning arguments in adversarial and challenging environments. Our "Commercial Advocacy" courses encompass Negotiation, Effective Writing, Presentation, and a range or workshops on strategies for advancing commercial argument. Most of these workshops can be adapted to assist delegates apply the principles in the environment in which they operate.

Management Skills

SCC has developed a reputation for helping solicitors and other business people develop their business understanding and skills. Innovative methodologies and extensive use of case study and role-play ensures that delegates on our courses are engaged and stimulated. In addition to our critically acclaimed "Law Society Management Course" we run workshops and events on many key management skills such as leadership, strategy, meetings, supervision and delegation. Success in these workshops is invariably dependant upon the trainer or presenter having first hand experience of practising the skills themselves together with an empathy and understanding as to the position that delegates will find themselves in at work in the "real world". In addition to having relevant practical business experience and professional qualifications most of our Management Skills Consultants have MBA's or other relevant Masters degrees.

Technical Knowledge

SCC's collaboration with leading practitioners and academic institutions means that they are able to offer up-to-date training and instruction in many key practice areas. Some of this training can form part of an integral programme such as higher rights qualification for solicitors. On other occasions we devise updates and or professional courses that meet the exact requirements of the whole or part of a clients training programme. Most of our courses are "made to measure" to reflect clients precise requirements.


We foster a collaborative approach on all of our projects and unashamedly learn at out "clients expense". The depth of our understanding with regard to training and development has meant that increasingly clients are looking to outsource some or all of their training function to us. In addition we conduct training audits and offer clients the benefit of our consultants extensive experience in planning, administrating and delivering effective training in organisations.

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